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Theatergroep MAX305 is bezig met een nieuwe produktie "Slaaf van IK"

Kees Kort
Nadir Issa
Huluka Gaddisa
Pi de Wilde de Ligny

Wie is er niet slaaf van zichzelf.
Eind mei 2016 tijdens het Rotterdamse Festival "ik is een ander".

Imagine that your life is divided into an inner and an outer world. Your inner world which tells the outside world who you are, what you think, feel, desire and where you will find safety, love, recognition, connection. The outside world that dictates how you should behave, conquer and oppress. What happens if the outside world takes hold of you. If you choose for the escape, flight, freedom?
Will you create a new outside world in your quest for safety, love, recognition and connecting? Where stops the dependent connection between the outer world and inner world? Are we slaves of the outside world or of our inner world?

The limits are reached in the struggle between I and the outside world. Will we ever feel free? Is freedom reached in balancing between inside and outside? Do we find freedom in the hidden ultimate inside? Or are we running circles around our Self?

"I feel the pain of so many wh   o experience this ... so much sorrow in the lost of yourSelf '.